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Track KPIs, OKRs, and metrics. Build finance, accounting, and investor reports. Use Alluxo to automate your financial reporting. Get started today for free!

Custom QuickBooks report with total income, total expense, and gross profit.

Build QuickBooks Online Dashboards

Today, businesses rely on software to get things done efficiently and effectively. But there is a byproduct that goes underappreciated.

Each department or job function requires its own software suite – and these systems do not talk to each other! By having your data spread across so many different systems, it becomes difficult to understand how your business is performing or dig into any analytics.

The Alluxo software platform solves this problem once and for all. By connecting with the software you already use, like QuickBooks Online, we enable you to create, track, and analyze your KPIs in minutes.

Millions of businesses rely on QuickBooks to serve as their finance and accounting system of record. Alluxo comes with a secure, pre-built integration to QuickBooks so you can build custom views in a flash.

Whether you are looking to automate part of your work, or are a business owner looking to take data more seriously, our solution gets you where you need to be.

Make data-informed decisions
Data-Informed Decisions

Create finance or accounting dashboards in minutes. Use them to make data-informed decisions.

Save time and money
Save Time & Money

We handle the data infrastructure, saving you countless hours and thousands of dollars.

Create better products and services
Better Products & Services

Spend time on your product and customers, not hacking together "custom" analytics.

Graphic of investor report
Investor Reports

Create powerful investor reports that automatically update and fit any screen, small or large.

Conversation of meeting
Meeting Preparation

Utilize Alluxo in meetings of all types to increase productivity and focus on what matters.

Light bulb representing idea
Product Insights

Get actionable insights into your products by visualizing and dissecting user data in a flash.

Laptop with display of business reporting software

Financial Reporting on Autopilot

Alluxo is the best way to visualize your business data. Our software platform allows users to quickly connect their existing business software and build charts in a few clicks. In addition, you can combine multiple charts to create powerful reports and dashboards.

When new data is available, our system automatically updates your charts and dashboards. For example, when you have new user data or when your accounting books close for the month, all of your metrics update! We can truly put your business reporting on autopilot.

Our platform is easy to use and required zero coding knowledge! If you have questions about setting up your account or would like to discuss best practices, please contact us.

Create and publish dashboards in minutes, not weeks

Integrate your favorite business apps


Integrate your favorite business apps to Alluxo. Once connected, we keep your data in sync – saving you time and money.

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Build a chart to visualize your business metrics in seconds


Build charts in seconds in our web interface. No code, no fuss. You can say goodbye to CSV exports once and for all.

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Create and publish custom business dashboards


Create and publish custom business dashboards. Bookmark, email, and share dashboards as simple as sharing a URL.

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KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in an Alluxo dashboard, or create a detailed view for each metric.

OKR Dashboard

OKR Dashboard

Hit your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) every time. Pull up your OKR Dashboard anytime, anywhere.

BI Dashboard

BI Dashboard

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can be simple. Any employee, technical or not, can now publish a BI dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Organize your business analytics behind a single pane of glass. Welcome to better analytics dashboards.

Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

Design management dashboards in minutes. Our reports auto update, so there's one less thing to worry about.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Replace meetings with our executive dashboard. Track revenue, expenses, gross profit, cash balance, and more.

Accounting Dashboard

Accounting Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business's health with Alluxo. Manage the books better while saving time each month.

Finance Dashboard

Finance Dashboard

Visualize your finance data. Track key financial metrics including revenue, expenses, and balance sheet items.

Cartoon of someone building a business dashboard

There's a better way

You're spending weeks building "custom" solutions and they're not cutting it. Don't worry – teams like yours use Alluxo to create dashboards in minutes. Along the way, we'll show you the best practices for sharing data across teams and organizations.