Finance and Accounting Dashboards Made Simple

Alluxo KPI and OKR dashboards are the best way to share charts, metrics, and insights across your departments. Get started today to save hours each week.

Make communication your competitive advantage

Data-Informed Decisions

Create finance or accounting dashboards in minutes. Use them to make data-informed decisions.

Save Precious Resources

We handle integrations, formatting, security, and more – saving you precious internal resources.

Better Products & Services

Spend time on your product and customers, not hacking together "custom" analytics.

Build a custom finance dashboard in a matter of minutes. Access your report from any device, at any time.

Create and publish dashboards in minutes, not weeks

Reduce meetings and email volume

Get answers without having to resort to another meeting or email. Alluxo makes visualizing data and getting answers easy.

Share with coworkers, customers, and more

Alluxo's dashboards are published to a URL, so you can share your data with your team, company, investors, and more.

Designed for how you work

Our software is easy to learn and allows anyone to build powerful, custom business dashboards. Welcome to a new level of visibility.

Build custom, sharable dashboards

In 4 minutes we can help you build a custom business dashboard. Say goodbye to switching between multiple apps to get a complete picture.

KPI Dashboard

Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in an Alluxo dashboard, or create a detailed view for each metric.

OKR Dashboard

Hit your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) every time. Pull up your OKR Dashboard anytime, anywhere.

BI Dashboard

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can be simple. Any employee, technical or not, can now publish a BI dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard

Organize your business analytics behind a single pane of glass. Welcome to better analytics dashboards.

Management Dashboard

Design management dashboards in minutes. Our reports auto update, so there's one less thing to worry about.

Executive Dashboard

Replace meetings with our executive dashboard. Track revenue, expenses, gross profit, cash balance, and more.

Accounting Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business's health with Alluxo. Manage the books better while saving time each month.

Finance Dashboard

Visualize your finance data. Track key financial metrics including revenue, expenses, and balance sheet items.

There's a better way

You're spending weeks building "custom" solutions and they're not cutting it. Don't worry – teams like yours use Alluxo to create dashboards in minutes. Along the way, we'll show you the best practices for sharing data across teams and organizations.