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Our mission is to empower every small business to operate with confidence.

Hey there 👋

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the team behind Alluxo. You may have noticed that we talk directly to you, like we're two people having a conversation. After all, our job is to take complicated things and make them simple for our customers.

We spend all day thinking about data, integrations, statistics, and automation. You might think that's strange but we love our jobs. There's something special about gathering insights from data. For those that are naturally curious, there is no better career.

The Alluxo team believes that better insights leads to better decision-making, we even made a handy graphic to show you!

Alluxo was started on a simple principle: You already have the right data inside of your business, but its locked away in 50 different systems and there is a lot of noise (haystack) and very little signal (needle). We bring together these data sources into a single app then let you create powerful dashboards.

We strive to make our product disappear. Over time, you should be able to build exactly what you want – no compromises. You'll be able to pull up data at your desk, on the go, or in a meeting. We'll keep pushing until everyone in your organization can find the answers that they need to be productive.

We look forward to solving difficult problems together.


Safa Mahzari


Safa Mahzari

Safa Mahzari

Founder & CEO

Christopher Hernandez

Christopher Hernandez

Head of Engineering

Our Values

Customer Obsession

Business begins and ends with customers. We obsess over our customers – not competitors or any other group. (Borrowed from Amazon.)

Design With Empathy

Our customers have a different context than we do. Designing better products starts with empathy and consideration.

Radical Transparency

Be honest and transparent in every interaction, even if that leads to temporary discomfort. (Borrowed from Bridgewater Associates.)

Absolute Standards

Our standards for products and employees are absolute, not relative. We strive to be the best. (Borrowed from Bridgewater Associates.)

Ownership Mentality

Things will inevitably go wrong. When they do, think "What could I have done differently?" Put another way, responsibility is a good word.

Good Isn’t Enough

We don't get out of bed in the morning for "good". We want to make an impact, to go above and beyond what is being asked of us.

Nobody Wants Our Product

People use our product to drive a business result. Above all else, we should remain focused on delivering this business value.

Don’t Accept Awards

Awards do not validate good work, and certainly do not turn bad work into good work. We value humility – and do not accept awards.

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