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Analytics Dashboards

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With Alluxo, you can finally build the analytics dashboards and reports you've wanted to. Don't put it off another day: visualize your business data today.

Create custom analytics dashboards

With the Alluxo web portal, creating a custom analytics dashboard is a breeze. We let you integrate with vendors like QuickBooks Online and start pulling relevant data in minutes. Seriously.

For example, let's say you want to create an analytics dashboard that shows your income and expenses for this month. With a few simple drop down menus, you can have your charts visualized with real business data. It's that easy to get started with your own analytics report.

You can also forget worrying about exporting to a spreadsheet, using the correct formulas, and keeping data up-to-date. Our analytics reports are always accurate, allowing your team to dive into the details.

With Alluxo, you can spend more time analyzing data and driving business results – and less time worrying about how to visualize your data.

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How do you create an analytics report?

We recommend creating a distinct analytics report for each set of metrics. While overview and summary views are helpful, they tend to get cluttered fast. In our experience, it's better to create an analytics report for each department. Here are some analytics report examples:

  • Sales Analytics Report
  • Marketing Analytics Report
  • Finance Analytics Report
  • Customer Support Analytics Report

Have questions about how to use Alluxo? Contact us! Our helpful support team would love to talk about your specific use case and how you can benefit from an Alluxo analytics dashboard.

Analytics dashboards and reports, on your mobile device

If that wasn't enough, Alluxo also enables you to keep a pulse on your business from anywhere. Whether you're on iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet, you can view your analytics dashboards and reports in seconds.

Instead of wondering how your business is doing or sending another email, get accurate insights with an Alluxo mobile analytics dashboard. Get started today to see how we can transform your business analytics!

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