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Powerful, Interactive Charts

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Get tooltips, legends, and more built in.


Don't worry about formatting ever again.


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Automatically synced to your data source.


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See min, max, average, and trends instantly.


Get precision that you need, down to the day.


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What Are Charts?

A chart is series of information that is displayed visually. Charts are useful when text or numbers simply won't work; for example, when trying to understand a large set of numbers.

Most people are familiar with regular charts (also called static charts), like those created in Excel. Interactive charts add an additional dimension to regular charts. An interactive chart can show additional information based on where you place your cursor.

In the example below, we are showing a chart built in Alluxo. When you place your cursor over the green bar in May, you get the exact data values from your Checking Account balance. This information is provided automatically in Alluxo – there is nothing for you to configure or setup.

Benefits of Interactive Charts

There are a few reasons to create charts without Excel.

First, charts made in Alluxo resize to different screen sizes. No matter if you are viewing our charts on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or television, they will look great! Again, this resizing happens automatically.

And, as mentioned above, you can click into a specific part of a chart to get additional information.

Viewing Charts in Alluxo

You can view charts in Alluxo at any time, from our web application or our mobile apps.

Whether you are accessing Alluxo from the web or our mobile app, we have a convenient that lists all of your charts. Click on a chart to launch a full-page view of that chart and all of its data.

Instead of switching between multiple systems or sending emails to ask for updates, Alluxo provides your business data at your fingertips. We believe in empowering teams to make better decisions by looking at the data.

The Alluxo mobile app is great for any manager or executive on the go. Sign up for the #1 best Excel alternative today for free.

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