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What is an interactive chart?

A chart is series of information that is displayed visually. Charts are useful when text or numbers simply won't work; for example, when trying to understand a large set of numbers.

Most people are familiar with regular charts (also called static charts), like those created in spreadsheets. Interactive charts add an additional dimension to regular charts. An interactive chart can show additional information based on where you place your cursor.

In the example below, we are showing a chart built in Alluxo. When you place your cursor over the green bar in May, you get the exact data values from your Checking Account balance. This information is provided automatically in Alluxo – there is nothing for you to configure or setup.

Alluxo chart with tooltip on mouseover
You can get additional information by placing your cursor over a bar.

Why should I use interactive charts?

There are a few reasons to use interactive charts, like those built with Alluxo.

First, charts made in Alluxo resize to different screen sizes. No matter if you are viewing our charts on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or television, they will look great! Again, this resizing happens automatically.

And, as mentioned above, you can click into a specific part of a chart to get additional information. Third, Alluxo lets you interact with the legend of a chart.

If your chart has more than one dataset (e.g., data from two bank accounts or comparing revenue to multiple expense categories), then you can add and remove data on the fly.

In the example below, you can click on "Savings Account" to remove that data from the chart. If you want to bring that data back, simply click on "Savings Account" in the legend again!

Alluxo chart with one dataset removed
Click on the legend to remove data in real-time. Click again to bring the data back.

Creating charts in Alluxo

Alluxo makes it seamless to create beautiful, interactive charts. Using our powerful web application, you can create a chart in 60 seconds.

We ask for 4 pieces of information to create a chart:

  1. The data source (e.g., QuickBooks)
  2. The specific dataset (e.g., Total Revenue)
  3. The date range (e.g., Jan 1 – Sep 30, 2018)
  4. The chart type (e.g., Vertical Bar Chart)

With this simple information, we can build a chart that is always in sync with the data source – in this case, QuickBooks Online – and displays the correct data. Optionally, you can select a specific title for this chart. If you do not specify a title, we automatically name the chart based on the data source and data type.

View all your charts in the Alluxo web app
View all of your charts in a single table from the web or our mobile app.

Viewing charts in Alluxo

You can view charts in Alluxo at any time, from our web application or our mobile apps.

Whether you are accessing Alluxo from the web or our mobile app, we have a convenient that lists all of your charts. Click on a chart to launch a full-page view of that chart and all of its data.

Instead of switching between multiple systems or sending emails to ask for updates, Alluxo provides your business data at your fingertips. We believe in empowering teams to make better decisions by looking at the data.

Graphic of someone building a business dashboard

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