Alluxo has pre-built integrations with apps like Shopify and QuickBooks Online. Get one-click charts and automated insights - for free!

What are Alluxo Connections?

At Alluxo, our goal is to connect industry-leading products and services so that you can access your business data with ease.

You no longer need a developer or a data analyst in order to pull data, design charts and graphs, and create automatically updating reports. As we look forward, we will continuing adding additional connections to Alluxo while keeping our prices flat.

Simply put, a connection is an integration with a third-party service (like QuickBooks Online) that we maintain. You get to access your business data in a secure manner without having to worry about any of the overhead.

How Do Connections Work?

Let's take our QuickBooks Online integration as an example. All you need to do is log into your QuickBooks account (email + password), there no need to write code or mess with API keys.

After logging in to your QuickBooks account, you can access the necessary data – like revenues, expenses, and special categories. These data points can be used to create charts and multiple charts can be brought together to create powerful business dashboards.

Benefits of Pre-Built Connections

Our pre-built connections mean that you can access your data right away. We manage the integration, data, security, updating data, and more.

We believe that people want to spend time running their busienss and creating value. They don't want to update spreadsheets or send endless emails to get answers to their questions.

With Alluxo, there's less to manage and less to worry about. We give you the data you need to make informed decisions, plain and simple.

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