Learn about how Alluxo makes it easy to create business dashboards and automatic reports.

Reduce meetings and email volume

Alluxo enables teams to get answers without having to resort to more meetings and emails. Our powerful data visualization tools allow you to create management dashboards, investor reports, or specific views for each department. We empower your whole team to understand and optimize key business metrics.

Share data with the right stakeholder

Alluxo dashboards are published to a webpage, so you can easily share data with team members, consultants, investors, and more. Our reports automatically update so you can say goodbye to fumbling with spreadsheets. We handle data management, formatting, hosting, and more – so you can focus on your work.

Designed for how you work

Our software is easy to learn and allows anyone to build powerful, custom business dashboards. Instead of relying on expensive developers or data analysts, we bring data visualization tools to every member of your team. We welcome everyone from the C-suite to interns to start using the Alluxo custom dashboard builder.

Build custom, sharable dashboards

What can you do in 4 minutes? With Alluxo, you can build a custom business dashboard. Instead of switching between multiple applications or pinging your team leaders, you can now create consistent reports that update automatically. Welcome to beautiful, sharable reports.

There's a better way

You're spending weeks building "custom" solutions and they're not cutting it. Don't worry – teams like yours use Alluxo to create dashboards in minutes. Along the way, we'll show you the best practices for sharing data across teams and organizations.