Alluxo is the best way to automate your ecommerce reporting. Learn more about our features and software platform.

What Features Does Alluxo Have?

Alluxo is a software platform that helps you create custom reports. Use your current ecommerce and finance data to automate all of the reports that you need to run your store.

We have three main features:

  • Connections: Pre-built integrations to your business apps
  • Charts: Interactive graphics with your data
  • Dashboards: Publish reports with the click of a button


We have pre-built integrations with popular services like QuickBooks Online and Shopify. Plug your existing business apps into Alluxo and instantly get access to powerful visualization and reporting features.

Learn more by visiting our connections page.


Don't worry about updating charts or cell references ever again. Our charts resize to any screen size, are interactive, and update with new data daily. You won't want to go back.

Learn more by visiting our charts page.


Publish reports with one click. Combine multiple charts to create dashboards for your budget reviews, revenue, orders, bills, and more. If you know how to use checkboxes and drop down menus, you know how to publish powerful dashboards.

Learn more by visiting our dashboards page.

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