Organizations across all industries – technology, consulting, finance, retail, and the nonprofit sector – rely on Alluxo.

Tech Startups & Software

Alluxo is the best dashboard builder for tech startups and software companies. We help companies release software faster, stay on budget, and exceed their goals. Our KPI and OKR dashboards serve industry-leading tech startups and software companies.

Management & Business Consulting

Management and business consultants use Alluxo in two ways. First, they use our dashboard builder for internal purposes – to track budgets, hours spent, and progress completion. And second, consultants find Alluxo to be a great way to keep clients happy. Receive an immediate return on investment (ROI) by using Alluxo.

Financial Services

Alluxo is the go-to solution for sensitive finance and accounting data. We make it easy to pull data from accounting systems, create reports, and share this data with your team. Whether you're an in-house financial services team or a vendor, we have the features and tools you're looking for. Get started today with custom dashboards for QuickBooks Online and more.

Retail & Ecommerce

Ecommerce companies and established brands alike love using Alluxo to visualize their key business metrics. We help ecommerce companies visualize and understand their metrics, which is the first step to driving tangible business results. As your brand grows, so does the amount of data you have. Take hold of that data with our powerful data visualization features.

Nonprofits & Government Agencies

Your job is to help others. But isn't it time for somebody to help you? Alluxo is a great way to create KPI and OKR dashboards, and stay on top of your organizational goals. We help nonprofits and government agencies visualize their data and serve their communities. Learn more about Alluxo today.

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