Automated Finance Insights

Get automated finance insights about your revenue, expenses, cash flow, and more with the Alluxo platform.

One Click

Get automated finance insights about revenue, expense, cash flow, and more with a one click.

Auto Updates

Our insights automatically update when new data is available, so you're always up-to-date.

Business Outcomes

Focus on your business outcomes, not writing messy formulas or handling CSV exports.

Get automated finance insights, today

Alluxo makes it easy to connect your data and get automated finance insights, with a single click. Get started today for free – no credit card required.

What are finance insights?

Companies today have piles of finance data. However, accumulating this data is not the same as having insights that can be used to drive business outcomes.

For example, you can track your accounts payable (AP) balance fairly easily today with your standard accounting software. But that's not the same as understanding your past due balance and creating a plan to pay your bills in an efficient, timely manner.

Finance data consists of data entries locked away in a system of record. Finance insights consist of charts, tables, and clear explanations of your data.

The Alluxo software platform turns your existing finance data into actionable, automated insights.
The Alluxo software platform turns your existing finance data into actionable, automated insights.

How can I automate my finance insights?

Traditionally, turning finance data into finance insights was not an easy task. Either you needed to rely on your internal team, who are already busy handling day-to-day operations, or hire an expensive consultant.

Thankfully, there is another way. Alluxo is a powerful software platform built by professionals with experience in finance, operations, and engineering.

We want to provide automated finance insights about revenue, expense, cash flow, accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and more for small businesses around the world.

In fact, we have a free plan and our paid plans start at only $30/month.

With the Alluxo software platform, anyone can define their metrics and get automated insights with a few clicks. Seriously.

Connecting to the Alluxo platform

Joining Alluxo could not be easier. Sign up for a free account today, no credit card required. Once you create your account, we make it seamless to connect to the finance apps that you already use.

For example, you can connect to QuickBooks Online with a few clicks. No code required!

That's all you need in order to start creating charts, dashboards, and insights. Our experienced team worked hard to make it so that any small business owner or manager can use Alluxo to automate the insights that they need.

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