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Build better investor reports in minutes. Create beautiful, sharable investor updates without writing code or opening spreadsheets.

Better Investor Reports

Create beautiful, sharable investor reports with the Alluxo report builder. Get started today.

Seamless Investor Updates

Investor updates made simple. We help get the right information into the right hands, everytime.

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Let Alluxo handle updating data, design, formatting, and more. Say goodbye to manual updates.

Need to Create Better Investor Reports?

Alluxo enables you to create better investor update reports. Our reports automatically update, fit any screen, and are easy to share. Get started today!

What goes into an investor report?

Investors are looking for a quick, helpful view into your business. Unlike businessowners, who spend 24/7 thinking about the same business, most investors have a portfolio. As a result, an investor's time is split between multiple companies.

A successful investor update report puts accurate, relevant data in front of an investor so that they can quickly get up to speed. An investor report should not be a chore – for either party! It should not be a chore to create, to manage, or to view.

With Alluxo, you can create a beautiful investor update report in minutes. Our dashboards allow you to visualize key financial information, including:

  • Revenue & Total Revenue
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Expenses & Total Expenses
  • Gross Profit & Gross Profit Margin
  • Cash Balance

To create an effective report, we recommend agreeing on 3-5 key metrics and report on those metrics every month. There are two common problems that companies run into: they attempt to track too many numbers and they offer updates too infrequently. A fast, easy-to-understand summary goes a long way to improving business operations.

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Create seamless investor update reports

Alluxo allows anyone in your team to create seamless investor update reports. With the Alluxo report builder, you can integrate with your data source in seconds, no code required. From there, we enable users to create charts and make adjustments at anytime – all within our helpful web interface.

Our goal was to create the easiest platform for creating investor reports. You're busy running your business, you don't have time to mess with spreadsheets or manually writing length emails each month!

Investors want to see accurate metrics, and Alluxo gives businessowners and managers the ability to do that. Turn your current headache into a competitive advantange.

Did we mention that investor reports within Alluxo update automatically? That means every time a user loads the page, they are viewing accurate, up-to-date metrics. Say goodbye to outdated reports once and for all!

Share data with ease, across any device

Businessowners, management teams, and investors are busy. This is nothing new. So we designed Alluxo with this fact in mind. The Alluxo iPhone mobile app and Alluxo Android mobile app allow you to view reports outside of the office, as long as you have access to the internet.

Learn more about the Alluxo mobile apps by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Our mobile investor reports are included with your subscription for Alluxo.

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