iPhone Finance Reports

The #1 iPhone finance dashboard and reporting solution. Get access to iPhone KPIs, OKRs, analytics, and much more.

iPhone KPIs & OKRs

iPhone KPIs and OKRs made easy. View business metrics and finance data at a moment's notice.

iPhone Dashboards

iPhone business dashboards and reports available anywhere. Your business data, made accessible.

iPhone Reports

Visualize your business data with iPhone finance dashboards and reports. Get started today.

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iPhone finance reports and dashboards. iPhone KPIs and OKRs. Visualize your business data on your phone with the Alluxo iPhone app.

iPhone finance dashboards & reports

As long as you have internet access, you can view your key finance metrics with Alluxo iPhone finance dashboards and reports. We understand that you can't spend all day in front of a comptuer, so we created a seamless mobile experience for your iPhone. Launch the Alluxo iPhone app, click on a report, and you get access to accurate finance metrics.

Whether you're curious about this month's spending or how close you are to reaching your quarterly sales targets, our iPhone finance dashboards and reports are right for you. The best part? Our iPhone app is included for free with every Alluxo account!

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iPhone business dashboards & reports

Dive into the details or get a quick overview. Answer a question in seconds, or analyze your business data. Regardless of your goal, we offer the best iPhone business dashboards and reports.

Alluxo enables executives and managers to pull up business data at a moment's notice. Stay up-to-date on your business without having to head into the office, use a computer, or remember pesky login information.

We're envisioning a better way to manage businesses. A future where you can spend your time helping customers, instead of wrangling with CSV exports or trying to format your analytics to work on iPhone. Try Alluxo today and create your own iPhone business dashboard!

iPhone KPIs and OKRs made simple

Key performance indicators (KPIs). Objectives and key results (OKRs). Business intelligence (BI). There are plenty of ways to keep track of your business. No matter the industry or metrics being tracked, one thing is always true: It's better way to have visibility into your numbers.

With Alluxo, our reports fit any screen size – from the largest computer monitors to the smallest phones. Our beautiful iPhone dashboards make it easy to track KPIs, OKRs, and more.

Whether you're manually track KPIs and OKRs or looking to start tracking metrics, Alluxo can help. Our helpful support team will guide you through our features and even help you select business metrics. Get started today and experience the power of iPhone KPIs and OKRs.

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