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Track business metrics on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Download Alluxo for free today from the App Store or Play Store.

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Get iPhone business reports. View iPhone finance dashboards. All with the Alluxo iPhone app.

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Reports and dashboards, accessible anywhere with the Alluxo iPad app. Get started today.

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Track metrics on the go. Our Android business dashboards and reports save you hours each week.

Download Alluxo for iPhone, iPad, or Android

Finance and accounting reports on your smartphone. KPIs and OKRs on your tablet. With the Alluxo mobile apps, you have unlimited flexibility.

Download Alluxo from the Apple App Store

We offer the #1 iPhone and iPad business dashboard. With Alluxo, you can create custom dashboards and reports on your computer and access them from any device, at any time.

Businessowners and managers alike are using the Alluxo iOS mobile app to keep track of key business metrics on the go. Whether you want to visualize business data on your iPhone or iPad, we have the solution for you.

View business, finance, or accounting reports on the go. Get up-to-date and accurate metrics on your iOS device. Alluxo is the business solution you have been waiting for – now available in the Apple App Store.

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Alluxo has a great Android mobile app available in the Google Play Store. Whether you're on a Google, Samsung, HTC, or other Android phone, we have you covered. Use our mobile app to pull up any business report or dashboard you have created within Alluxo.

The Alluxo mobile apps are included in your subscription for Alluxo, so there's no fuss.

We understand how important it is to have your data accessible to you. That's why the Alluxo Android app is compatible with both Android smartphones and tablets. Get started today with the free Alluxo app available in the Google Play Store.

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