Custom QBO Dashboards & Reports

Build custom QBO dashboards and reports with Alluxo. Start your no-commitment, free trial of our QuickBooks Online reporting solution.

Custom QBO Dashboard

Create a sleek, custom QBO dashboard without worrying about CSV exports or writing any code.

Visualize Your QBO Data

Your company has valuable data in QBO. With Alluxo, visualize and share your QBO data in minutes.

Custom QBO Reports

Build better QuickBooks reports today. Access from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Need Custom QuickBooks Online Dashboards?

Build custom QuickBooks Online dashboards and reports with Alluxo. Create your custom QBO dashboard in less than 5 minutes. Get started today for free!

Visualize your QBO data

As a company, it's important to track and improve your business metrics. Leveraging a native integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO), Alluxo allows anyone to visualize key business data. QBO already tracks revenue, expenses, invoices, and more – so why not use it to build your reports?

There's no need to mess with CSV exports, custom integrations, or expensive consultants. The intuitive Alluxo web portal allows any user to build powerful reports with simple drop down menus. Select your data type, your chart type, and we'll do all the hard work behind the scenes.

Get a powerful, custom QuickBooks Online dashboard in minutes – no code required!

Representation of QuickBooks Online (QBO) dashboard

Build custom QBO dashboards

Instead of relying on the standard views within QuickBooks, Alluxo allows you to build a custom QBO dashboard with ease. Whether you want to create a management dashboard or detailed invoice report, we have the solution.

We understand different stakeholders and departments track different metrics, so we allow you to invite your team members and create multiple reports. Each custom QuickBooks Online report automatically updates, so you can trust that the number you're looking at are accurate.

Alluxo is the #1 way to build a custom QBO dashboard in minutes. Have questions about our features or how to build your QBO report? Reach out to helpful customer support team. We're happy to help!

QuickBooks Online data, on your mobile device

Alluxo is the #1 to create custom QuickBooks reports and access your data from anywhere. With our two mobile apps, you can check business data and key metrics on your smartphone or tablet, at anytime.

The only thing better than custom QBO reports are custom QBO reports available at your fingertips. Download Alluxo today for your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

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You're spending weeks building "custom" solutions and they're not cutting it. Don't worry – teams like yours use Alluxo to create dashboards in minutes. Along the way, we'll show you the best practices for sharing data across teams and organizations.