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Create a QuickBooks KPI dashboard with Alluxo. Get the #1 solution for turning QuickBooks data into business insights.

Your QuickBooks Data

Access your accounting and finance data in QuickBooks through a secure, pre-built connector.

QuickBooks KPI Charts

Use Alluxo to create charts and track QuickBooks key performance indicators (KPIs).

QuickBooks KPI Dashboards

Combine multiple KPI charts together to create a powerful QuickBooks KPI dashboard.

Need a KPI Dashboard from QuickBooks Data?

Build a QuickBooks KPI dashboard in minutes. Use our pre-built QuickBooks connector and visualize your data in minutes. Get started today for free!

Pre-Built QuickBooks Connector

Alluxo comes with a pre-built QuickBooks connector included in all of our tiers. Yes, that means for free, forever, you can visualize your QuickBooks data the way you want.

From the Alluxo web application, you can sync to your QuickBooks account by providing your email and password. There's no code and no fuss involved. From there, we enable you to create charts, reports, and dashboards that are powered by up-to-date QuickBooks data.

With our QuickBooks connector, you can build:

  • Custom QuickBooks reports and views
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Quickly dive into detailed QuickBooks metrics

A QuickBooks key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard

Build your KPI dashboard

Alluxo provides a simple web interface to pull the data you want and visualize it how you see fit. Without any prior training or technical background, you can create your first chart in Alluxo within minutes.

For example, you can create the following charts from QuickBooks data:

  • Total Revenue, each month, last 12 months
  • Gross Profit, each month, last 12 months
  • Total Expenses, each month, last 12 months
  • Cash Balance, current value
  • Accounts Payable (AP), current value
  • Accounts Receivable (AR), current value

QuickBooks + KPIs

Want to track key performance indicators but don't have the time? Well, that's where we come in! Alluxo helps you track and visualize KPIs that you have within QuickBooks.

Simply by putting important data points – like revenue, gross profit, and cash balance – in front of your team, they will be constantly reminded of where the company is and where it needs to be.

Because we create a secure connection to QuickBooks, our metrics are always in sync. That means every time a data point is updated in QuickBooks, that new data is pulled and visualized in your charts and dashboards.

For those looking for more guidance, Alluxo offers onboarding and consulting packages to ensure that your team is looking at the highest-value metrics and setting the right KPIs!

Track QuickBooks KPIs on the go

Every Alluxo account comes with access to our mobile apps. Whether you're on smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android, the Alluxo mobile apps are the best way to track QuickBooks KPIs on the go.

Track key financial and accounting metrics from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Get answers to your questions on the go. Be better prepared for meetings, decisions, and client conversations.

Welcome to information at your fingertips. Welcome to Alluxo.

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