QuickBooks Online Integration

Build custom QuickBooks dashboards and reports using our pre-built QuickBooks Online connector. Get started today, no code required.

Getting Started with the QuickBooks Online Integration

Intuit QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting system in the world. Millions of companies trust QuickBooks to manage their income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. But what if you're looking to unlock the power of QuickBooks? Where do you turn?

That's where Alluxo comes in. Our native QuickBooks Online integration allows any user, technical or non-technical, to create beautiful charts and graphs from real QuickBooks data.

Let us handle the integration, hosting, formatting, security, and more – so you can focus on visualizing your data and driving real business value. From start to end, there is no code or technical ability required to use Alluxo!

Examples of QuickBooks Dashboards

Our out-of-the-box QuickBooks integration allows you create powerful reports and dashboards. Here are some examples QuickBooks dashboards that our customers have already made:

  • Detailed Revenue Report
  • Detailed Monthly Expense Report
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Cash Balance

How to Integrate with QuickBooks Online?

Integrating Alluxo with QuickBooks Online could not be easier. All you need to do is log in to your QuickBooks account from our Alluxo dashboard the first time.

From there, our pre-built integration creates a secure connection between your Alluxo account and your QuickBooks account.

When you want to build a new report or dashboard, we will request the relevant data from QuickBooks to build that report. For instance, if you want to view monthly revenue and monthly expenses, then we will pull that data to populate your new report.

The other great part of Alluxo is that your data will automatically update in our reports. Once you create a report, we check daily for new data.

If there's relevant data in QuickBooks, we will automatically pull that new data and update your report! This means you save hours and hours each week, because your team is not manually updating data and there's no chance you're viewing outdated numbers!

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