Reporting Software for QuickBooks

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What is Reporting Software for QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting software for businesses. Around the globe, millions of companies use QuickBooks Online to handle their accounting, finance, and operations.

QuickBooks is a system of record, which means it houses data about revenues, expenses, invoices, and more. Out of the box, QuickBooks has basic reporting capabilities.

But there exists a need for more powerful, more complete reports. These reports could include weekly management meetings, finance team meetings, and investor update reports.

Alluxo is a reporting solution for QuickBooks that provides more advanced capabilities than come with QuickBooks out of the box.

In the following sections, we are going to dive into more details about the benefits of custom reporting solution that integrate with QuickBooks and how Alluxo can empower your team with actionable, accurate data.

Creating Reports from QuickBooks Data

Today, most companies create reports manually. Finance and accounting managers are forced to deal with CSV exports or to maintain unwieldy spreadsheets.

But there is a better way. Alluxo enables finance and accounting managers to create reports from QuickBooks in a few clicks on the mouse. Your company data is already organized and up-to-date in QuickBooks, so why not leverage that?

Alluxo creates a secure connection to QuickBooks, and syncs with your data there. Whenever you make an update, that new data flows to Alluxo. This means that you can visualize revenue, expenses, cash balance, growth, and more – without any overhead!

As a result, Alluxo is the best way to create custom reports from QuickBooks data.

Using Alluxo to Visualize QuickBooks Online

Our web application has three main features: 1) Connections, 2) Charts, and 3) Dashboards.

Connections are secure integrations with your existing data source. For example, a connection may be to QuickBooks Online or to Google Sheets. We make this one-time connection in order to pull data from your existing business systems. This allows us to visualize your data without creating additional work or overhead.

Charts are the result of the data pulled from a Connection. For instance, you can create a Total Revenue Chart from January 1 to December 31, 2018. This data comes from QuickBooks Online and can be visualized how you want. If the data in QuickBooks is updated, then your Chart in Alluxo automatically updates to reflect this change.

Dashboards are a published collection of Charts. Users typically create a Dashboard around a specific purpose. Examples of popular dashboards include KPIs that relate to a meeting, department, or your overall company health. A Dashboard can be built and published to a URL in a matter of minutes, with no technical skills required!

For those looking to quickly visualize data in QuickBooks Online, Alluxo provides the perfect solution. We provide a clear number of steps to create a dynamic and interactive chart from QuickBooks data. If you can answer the questions below, then you can visualize your QuickBooks data!

QuickBooks Reports, Available Everywhere

Once created, your custom QuickBooks Online data visualizations can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. We're confident that Alluxo is the best reporting software for QuickBooks.

Of course, users can log into the Alluxo web application to view their Charts and Dashboards. This creates a convenient place to view a variety of data, from QuickBooks and from other data sources as well.

In addition, Alluxo has a free iOS mobile app and free Android mobile app. Our mobile apps allow team leads and business owners to access their QuickBooks report from anywhere, at anytime.

Looking for mobile QuickBooks reports? Alluxo is the best way to visualize QuickBooks data, and access those reports on your smartphone or tablet. Welcome to the world of mobile, up-to-date business reports!

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