Stripe Integration

Create custom charts and dashboards from your existing Stripe data. Get started today. No credit card, no code required.

Stripe Integration

Utilize our pre-built Stripe integration to access your data in seconds.

Stripe Charts

Create auto-updating charts to access your sales, finance, and customer data.

Stripe Dashboards

Publish Stripe dashboards with your data. Make dashboards in minutes, not weeks.

Need a Stripe Integration?

Alluxo is a data platform that has a pre-built Stripe integration. Get started with Alluxo today for free. No credit card, no code required.

Getting started with our Stripe integration

Alluxo is an onlnie data platform that has pre-built integrations to business applications that you already use. For example, Alluxo lets you connect your QuickBooks Online and Stripe accounts to create custom charts and dashboards.

Our pre-built Stripe integration does not require any technical knowledge or any code. You simply log in to your Stripe account with your email and password and Stripe will provide us with a secure token. We use this secure token to help you access, visualize, and analyze your existing Stripe data.

Importantly, because we connect directly to Stripe, we keep all of your data in sync as time goes on. That's right, Alluxo handles 100% of the updates for you so your charts and dashboards are always up-to-date. And yes, you can go back in time to access data from previous months or years even if you connect to Alluxo today.

Create custom Stripe charts

Stripe is a powerful payment processor. With Alluxo and Stripe, you can turn that existing data into custom sales, finance, and customer charts.

The Alluxo web application has an intuit step-by-step process for creating new charts with your Stripe data. Track monthly revenue, sales by product, number of customers, and much more with Alluxo. We allow users to customize the chart type (horizontal bar, vertical bar, line, and area) and color of each chart.

And, because Alluxo connects directly to Stripe, we are automatically update your charts so your team is always looking at accurate data. Don't worry about CSV exports or manual updates again! Save time and money by using Alluxo to visualize your Stripe data.

Integrate your Stripe account with Alluxo to create powerful dashboards with your user and revenue data.

Publish custom Stripe dashboards

Sometimes one chart is not enough to get the whole picture. That's why Alluxo has a great Dashboard feature, which allows you publish a dashboard in minutes.

Select multiple charts, add them to a dashboard, name your dashboard, and press publish. Alluxo will do everything else for you – including giving you a custom link that you can bookmark, email, or share with your team.

Alluxo dashboards are the most convenient way of accessing data in your Stripe account – whether you are working with your team, collaborating across departments, or sending an investor update letter.

How do I integrate with Stripe?

Integrating Alluxo with Stripe couldn't be easier. All you need to do is log in to your Stripe account from our Alluxo dashboard the first time. From there, our pre-built integration creates a secure connection between Alluxo and Stripe.

When you want to build a new report or dashboard, we will request the relevant data from Stripe to build that report (e.g., Sales from the last 90 days).

We check for new Stripe data daily, to keep your Stripe charts and dashboards up-to-date. This feature alone saves you hours of time each week, because your team is not manually updating data and there's no chance of viewing outdated numbers!

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