Visualize Data

Alluxo is the best way to visualize data and track your progress. Get insights about revenues, expenses, and profitability today.

Visualize Finance Data

Easily visualize and dissect financial data, so your team can make data-informed decisions.

Visualize Business Data

Visualize your business data – without resorting to messy email threads or manual CSV exports.

Visualize Accounting Data

Create charts and visualize your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Visualize Your Data in a Single Afternoon

Alluxo is a powerful data platform. Connect your cloud software and start visualizing your data in a single afternoon. No code or technical skills required!

Visualize Your Data

Every business today uses cloud software and accumulates vast amounts of data. For example, millions of companies use QuickBooks to store their finance and accounting data.

Unfortunately, keeping accurate records takes up most of the day. It can feel like there are not enough hours in the day (or the week!) to do anything with that information. And that's where Alluxo comes into the picture.

Alluxo is a web platform that makes it seamless to visualize – and understand – your data. We understand that you already have data locked away in systems like QuickBooks.

It's our job to help you utilize that data to make better decisions.

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Visualize Revenue

Alluxo is the best software for visualizing revenue data. We let you view Total Revenue, Revenue by Customer, Revenue by Region, and more.

Instead of staring at a screen full of numbers, create powerful data visualizations, including bar charts, line charts, and area charts.

More importantly, stop guessing or approximating. Alluxo empowers your team to have the revenue data they need at their fingertips. Write better investor updates, make better product decisions, understand key trends, and more with Alluxo.

Visualize Expenses

Get a better understanding of your expenses by using Alluxo.

We can visualize cost of goods sold (COGS), operating expenses (OPEX), and more. Carefully track the expenses that matter to you most, so there are no surprises at the end of the month or end of the quarter.

There is a three step process to visualizing expense data. First, connect your data source (like QuickBooks). Then, create a chart for that specific category (e.g., Payroll Chart). And third, access that chart at anytime to get a real-time update.

Charts & Graphs For All Situations

No matter what you want to understand, Alluxo is here to help. Our powerful chart builder lets you visualize data in a handful of clicks.

Instead of fumbling around with spreadsheets and manual charts, let us handle everything from pulling the data, formatting, and keeping your charts up-to-date.

Customers use Alluxo to make:

  • Bar Charts for Revenue
  • Line Charts for Revenue
  • Area Charts for Revenue
  • Bar Charts for Expense
  • Line Charts for Expense
  • Area Charts for Expense
  • Bar Charts for Profit
  • Line Charts for Profit
  • Area Charts for Profit

Want to track data on the go? Use the Alluxo mobile apps to track revenues, expenses, and profit from anywhere.

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